Free flow poetry. Let go of reality. (via The Arts Web Show)

Free flow poetry. Let go of reality. . I have a challenge for you. I want everybody to attempt this. And i mean everybody, even you. . Please don’t dismiss it. I wouldn’t be encouraging you if i didn’t think it was worth it . Open this song in another window Open up a post and put your keyboard in your lap. GET COMFORTABLE Start the video Close your eyes and feel your keys. If you cant type with your eyes closed, then look at the keys but d … Read More

via The Arts Web Show


2 thoughts on “Free flow poetry. Let go of reality. (via The Arts Web Show)

  1. The Ocean Tides of Life

    My heart and soul beats to the sound of the rhythmic waves of emotion,
    Yet, like the crashing oceans toeing and flowing,
    Hitting the cliffs of my inner thoughts.
    Wearing away my troubles,
    Cankered like barnacles on the cliff side,
    Breaking it down, into smaller pieces,
    I can hold in the palm of my hand,
    To reflect on my troubles and worries.
    To help me focus and talk to my creator.
    The ocean tides of life never stop,
    Building up to a crescendo,
    Still crashing away at those stones,
    Which were once parts of a crustaceous cankered Cliffside.

    Now the stones are breaking miraculously into sand.
    Grains in number, resembling every human sorrow.

    Particles can run through my hand, like past worries and anxieties.
    I feel the warmth of the sand under my feet,
    Comforting my soul and calming my inner spirit,
    As I gently walk along the beach of life,
    Looking back at that cankered Cliffside,
    Now far away,
    Yet the rhythm and ocean tides of life are still beating away at that Cliffside.
    Wearing away into
    Stones, manageable pieces of the rock,
    To hold in our palms and reflect and talk to our creator.
    Stones, which become,
    Flows through our fingers, as past troubles.
    Walk in that sand,
    Let the ocean ripple over your feet, T
    Talk to your creator.
    Let your troubles become like grains of
    Slipping through your fingers,
    To be washed away by the ocean tides of life.

    By Linda Harvey 30 July 2010

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