People like me, I know you’re out there!

People like me, I know you’re out there!

by Alienhippy

The vulnerability of people like me

Sucked into a cult, depressed not my fault

Naive power trip on a magical roundabout

They chewed up my faith and spat me out


The sensitivity of people like me

Alone in the wilderness, head in a mess

Scars so deep I turn to agnosticism

Lost inside my spiritually confused prison


The reality of people like me

To God I will turn, listen, grow, learn

Each day is a lesson in a classroom of strife

I’m earning my degree in the university of life


The spirituality of people like me

Professors of reality, no educational degree

Wisdom given from the Lord above

Taught by the cross and the spirit of love


The humility of people like me

Not wanting attention, choosing not to mention

The spirit churning inside my being

Prophetic insight, theologically freeing


The insanity of people like me

Not wanting to fit, in this world full of sh*t

Desiring more than materialistic surface conversation

From people obsessed with their own self gratification


  • We can trust – in our vulnerability
  • We can see – in our sensitivity
  • We can be grounded – in our reality
  • We hear God – in our spirituality
  • We can accept – in our humility
  • We can imagine more – in our insanity

In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world

– John 16:33


One thought on “People like me, I know you’re out there!

  1. This poem is very good. It is quite obvious that you have been on a very emotional and spiritual journey and have resurfaced with a lot of learning & wisdom

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