Confusion-Retribution-Solution (Part 2)

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I wrote this poem after leaving a very heavy Christian fellowship. Be warned it is religious…he he

This is a long poem, and a little hard to digest. For that reason I have decided to publish it in 3 parts.

Confusion – part 1

Retribution – part 2

Solution – part 3

by Lisa Lock (Oct 04)


Is this just my interpretation?

Good versus Evil

His Divine intervention

Of my soul, do I truly surrender?

Emotionally broken

Or … a big pretender?


In life’s turmoil, I’m faced with confusion

Dragged along by the world

What is the solution?

Clarity of mind is what I will seek

No answers anywhere, I fear I’ll grow weak

“Keep me safe O Lord, while you bring me near

Help me see your plan, help my mind be clear!”

Peace of mind, heart, soul, true tranquillity

The spirit yearns for this necessity

Humility and Prayer

Are my retribution

For my sins are no-more

The Lamb is my salvation


Only through the blood

Of Jesus my Saviour

Will I reap the solace

Of my creator



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