Confusion-Retribution-Solution (Part 1)

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I wrote this poem after leaving a very heavy Christian fellowship.

Be warned it is religious…he he

This is a long poem, and a little hard to digest.

For that reason I have decided to publish it in 3 parts.

Confusion – part 1

Retribution – part 2

Solution – part 3

by Lisa Lock (Oct 04)



Intensity in prayer

Of feelings unaware

Suppressed  hurt and fear

Explode as uncontrolled anger

Frustration, confusion, tears of guilt

Is this what God is really about?

Disappointment it burns

As my head twists and turns

Too many questions in my brain

Am I fighting sin or going insane?


Where is my Rock to stand on?

This isn’t God

This must be Satan


Get out my head, leave me alone

I listened once, but now I’ve grown

God is not, how you make him seem

He’s not vindictive, callous or mean

That’s just you confusing the issue

Get behind me Satan

I will not miss you

On this Rock I will stand

As my Lord takes my hand

My foundations now sound

My roots in good ground

You just can’t take the pace

As my faith I embrace



One thought on “Confusion-Retribution-Solution (Part 1)

  1. This is really good. Have you thought about competitions? or have you ever had any of your work published?

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