Cleaned Up and Forgotten (via Mark William Jackson)

This poem is so good I just had to give it a full reblog.

You can read more of Mark’s poetry at,


Cleaned Up and Forgotten


Dawn creaks and the sun slices open another day,

As man I step out, spitting my venom at innocent air,

Goosestepping through virgin fields as conditioning directs,

Cradling nature like a beaten child. Too late


But the good news is we’re not killing the earth,

We’re merely making it uninhabitable for humans,

The earth will survive long after we’re gone,

And human history will be just a dirty footprint

on the carpet of its cycle

………………………….to be cleaned up and forgotten.

I scribbled this down this morning, more a message than a poem, a slightly different angle on the climate change debate. Hoping that the deniers will be more inclined to listen if the threat is personalised by saying that it is not the earth that will be destroyed by our actions but only our homes and history, after all the earth is a lot stronger than anything we can build.

via Mark William Jackson


One thought on “Cleaned Up and Forgotten (via Mark William Jackson)

  1. This poem is so profound. It hits the spot. I have left a comment on Mark Jackson’s blog also. This should be sent to the powers that be.

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