Little Miss Eccentric

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Little Miss Eccentric

by Alienhippy

Little Miss Eccentric

As you sit and play

Tell me all about the stars

And the Milky Way

The Planet Nothing (CAL creation)

The Rocket Fuel you want to make

To get you way out there

Your kind heart and gentle ways

It really isn’t fair

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How the kids treat you at school

Because you think a different way

You never break the rules

You never get your say

image from Google

Little Miss eccentric

Just play your Violin

CAL's Violin

Don’t you waste a tear on them

They’re ignorant and dim

This poem is written from a perspective of Asperger’s Syndrome (AS).

All people are individuals and this view may vary from another person’s view of the same Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The autistic spectrum is called a spectrum because it is so enormous.


6 thoughts on “Little Miss Eccentric

  1. A very special post for me since much of my career has been working with or training others to work with special needs children….thanks for the post.

  2. oh that was so beautiful!
    What a wondeful way to explain ASD from that perspective.
    But I really felt sad for Cal at the same time. You are a very loving mum. She’s blessed to have you,

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