Granny ASBO

AJ & Friends (Adventure Sunday)

I wrote this poem for my son, after he was bitten by a dog while walking in the fields with his friends, on Adventure Sunday.

Adventure Sundays are nature walks my son and his friends have around the local countryside.

Granny ASBO

by Alienhippy

That Granny should get an ASBO

An ASBO’s what she needs

Needs to keep her doggies

Doggies on their leads


Leads me to a tale

Tale of a teen

Teen got bit by doggy

Doggy he was mean


Mean, the Granny needs an ASBO

An ASBO on her hound

Hound the local neighbours

Neighbours haven’t found


Found her to report her

Report her to the Bobbies

Bobbies are too busy

Busy booking hoodies


Hoodies run from Granny

Granny needs an ASBO

ASBO from the coppers

Coppers are too slow


Slow to catch the Granny

Granny with her guard

Guard against the hoodies

Hoodies that ain’t hard

image from Google

To anyone reading this, who knows me personally.

If you know the whereabouts of the Granny in question.

Could you please inform me of her address as I would like to inform the police of her actions.

Walking away, leaving my son bleeding in a field is not acceptable behaviour.

Thank goodness he has decent friends.


8 thoughts on “Granny ASBO

    • The thing was he didn’t want to report her because he was worried that the dog would be put to sleep. He said, “She knows now that her dog can bite, I don’t want it put down. He is probably her only friend.”
      I wonder if she would have done the same?

  1. Great website and great information. You are very knowledgeable about this topic and i can’t wait until we come back and visit your website again!

  2. How can anyone just leave a person alone after that happening ? She should have gotten him help. It gets to me when people have their dogs of leash .I’m nervous when i take my dog out and see off leash dogs .They have been known to really hurt or kill another dog or person .Especially a large dog .

  3. This is extremely bad behaviour from someone who should be wiser, given her age. Was she a brick short of a lorry load?

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