Tribute to Human Friendship

Tribute to Human Friendship

 by Lisa Lock

I find it all very confusing

The way that people can be

Just when I feel that I’ve found a friend

It seems they will double-cross me

Why can’t people be honest?

Why can’t people be kind?

Why is this world so full of the types,

who use you and fuck-up your mind?

I repeatedly try to move-on

ROCK (friendship)

and believe that they’re not all that way

That it’s me who misunderstands them

It’s all in my head they betray

But, as I sit and I ponder

The past very fresh, not forgotten fog

I realise with disappointing clarity

The only friend I will ever trust is my dog


6 thoughts on “Tribute to Human Friendship

  1. Lisa, I like the flow of this poem but it makes me a little sad. If we can only trust our dogs then it doesn’t say much about we humans does it? But it also shows how loyal and wonderful our dogs can be too. I hope I’m not one of “these” kinds of friends to you!

    • Hi Cindy, I wrote this poem a while back when I was in one of my pits. No you are not one of the friends I have felt hurt by, you are far too gentle and kind. The poem is a generalisation of my mood and mindset when I’m in a depressive state. Ironic really how my Big Black Dog helps me fight my own Big Black Dog. x

  2. I too feel sad about how you have been hurt by people. I do think dogs and cats have a sixth sence. Dogs particularly are very faithfull. Thank you for sharing your poems, it’s a wonderful way to express pent up feelings which may still be harboured. Sad, but lovely

  3. make God your best friend, you yourself become your second best friend. then remember a golden word said by a very intelligent man-
    “There is nothing called unselfish love.”
    We all want some thing in return of the love we give (excl angels), try to find out those who want love in return of the love they give, believe me, fortunately there are people like it.

  4. Int many with our personality type sis, they had to label it there’s so few. Even the closes people hurt us sometimes life’s tough and rough and we’re soft but being soft we can bend like a blade of grass in the storm we do not break just sway a little and hug our dogs, dunno how many cheeks we have to turn thou 2, 4, 77, ‘I dunno’ 😉 x

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