Be Still My Aching Soul

St. Leonard's Frankley

Be Still My Aching Soul…!

by Lisa Lock

There is nothing left inside

I feel numb, unable to decide

How I’m even feeling

I just feel like sleeping

Wanting to scream out but instead

I lock myself  in my own head

Battling alone through daily chores

Is this life mine? Or yours?

I feel drained of all that is me

I keep going for the sake of my family

When will I again feel whole

Be Still My Aching Soul…!


4 thoughts on “Be Still My Aching Soul

  1. Very well said. Wonder, promise, a sense of fulfillment…gradually dribbles away, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. Why? And what happens to that sense of well-being, and promise? Is it a function of age? Hormonal depletion? Or maybe it’s just the accumulation of real-life experience that gradually squeezes hope away…leaving “nothing” behind.

  2. I must call it a superb message board, I barely think about reading out a complete list of threads but this forum was successful in getting my attention and believe me, That’s unusual.

  3. This is so well done, I can relate so much to your art & writings! I love to do art and create things as well. I am looking forward to having a few hours each day (soon!) when the kids are all in school!!!

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