An Ode to Lost Friends

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An Ode to Lost Friends

by Lisa Lock

I know a lot of people

A few, I can call friend

After sharing so much of my life

On a journey I thought wouldn’t end

Acquaintances through things I do

Have touched my heart

Then walked straight through


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What happens is we all get hurt

Forgetting what we are about

Caught up in the absurd

To be heard we have to shout

Or…. run away from what goes on

We run from feelings, stuck in mud

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Losing touch with what is real

We run straight into the crud


Now , I have walked the footsteps of a stranger

I’ve found things I never thought I’d ever see

I’ve also met a lot of different people

Not many of them think or feel like me

My friends will come and go

And this will always be

I’ll try to be a friend for them

Whether or not they are that for me


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An example I’ve been given

By the creatures of Gods earth

They do not carry malice

Just a feeling of self-worth

So, If I only give myself

Not wanting others to be kind

I’m sure the hope of Gods reward

Will be my peace of mind





4 thoughts on “An Ode to Lost Friends

  1. Absolutely lovely. You know I feel exactly the same, doesn’t it cause such emotional hurt, that much so we have to focus on our final reward to stay positive. Well done for writing it in a poem. x

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  3. This is a very heartfelt poem. I have experienced disappointment in my life, thinking people were friends, when they were not really genuine. It is now that I have got older, that my expectations of people are left in the balance. Thank you for sharing your innermost feelings

  4. very nice nad oh so true, I can count the friends I thought would always be there and now are not and it still hurts and I wonder what I have done or whether we both shoulder the blame but it is still tough….

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