EGO Massage-Message

Ego massage-message

by Alienhippy

I am sitting on my bed

Listening to the argument

Of words within my head

A TV slot, not forgot

Where in less than 60 minutes

A TRIBE of educated scholars

With their banter

Oh….. what horrors

As they ripped the very fibre

From the general public

With their quick and harsh

Debate on Questions 3

What I could see

Was gratified egos

And hate for those of other mind

Who can find the answers by not knowing?

  1. How do we get our country out of debt?
  2. Are Fathers as important as Mothers?
  3. Does GOD really exist?

As I watch

A young and gentle man

Not much older than my son

Is verbally attacked

His mind is hacked by long words

He probably has never heard

The tears roll down his face

I’m longing to embrace his soul  and gentle spirit

But they keep hacking at it

With their puffed up opinions,

Rehearse reason,

Highbrow howling

Without wisdom

They do not listen

They beat him down

And for that last camera shot

I watch the light leave his eyes

Their job is done,  they won

Their words for 60 minutes

Have been going round my head

My  tears for 60 minutes

Have been spilt upon my bed

I’m reminded of their argument

How they had to have their say

I sit upon my bed

……..and I pray

and their words

melt away!

The words that remain, keep me sane ….(1 CORINTHIANS 8:1a-3)

We know that we all possess knowledge.

Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up

The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know

But the man who loves God is known by God.


3 thoughts on “EGO Massage-Message

  1. Lisa…your poem reminded me of the saying “Better a fool who knows he is, than a fool who doesn’t.” Such conversation as discussed in you poem reminded me of this quote…and by the way…your younger sister is quite a good writer also…read her post earlier and saw from your later post she was related….such talent must run in the family. 😉

  2. Lisa, this is a truly great poem! You communicated so much in it that many of us have witnessed and regretted. Your words speak truth and compassion, and the final answer. Bless you for sharing this with us. Bravo!

    Peace to you, Lisa,

  3. This poem is so sad, It expresses well, how the boy must have felt and the pain you also felt for him.

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