Knuckles Job (CAL age 9)

Knuckles Job

by CAL (age 9)

Knuckles (Google Image)



During the night

It is important

If it smashed

It would give you

A fright

It’s green

It’s shiny

I mustn’t leave it behind

It’s my job

I must not go

I really do mind

This place of quiet

And it is peaceful

It’s a great place to be

I’m not going

I’m not leaving

I’m guarding the Master Emerald

Can’t you see?

(This lovely poem is by my 9 year old daughter about a character from her favourite cartoon)


5 thoughts on “Knuckles Job (CAL age 9)

  1. This poem by your 9 year old Daughter is absolutely brilliant. I feel that she has a very extensive imagination and if she carries this on into adulthood could be successful with her creative work. It was a joy to read. I love both yours and your Sisters Blog and love the way you share your Daughters creativity too. Well done CAL x

    • Hello my precious Fi,
      Oh wow…I can’t believe I never answered this comment.
      June 20, 2010…the day you found my blog.
      Thank you for being you, you are such a precious gift.
      Love you and everything about you.
      Leesy. xxxx {{{{HUG}}}} X
      Smiling at you and blowing you kisses. xxxx 🙂

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