by Alienhippy

Trapped inside this world for so long

Forgotten what it’s like to dream

Crushed inside a mould that’s not mine

Where who I am is never see

Square peg, round hole is what I’m thinking

There’s never been a way to fit

They’ve ground me down and stole my edges

But now, today, I say, “I QUIT!!!”

I’m Sick of being so bloody normal

It might be them, but it’s not me

I’m changing, claiming, growing edges

I want to be, who I should be

I might be different, but I am unique

Buckets of talent for me to claim

There are plenty of round pegs on this planet

Why just fit and be the same?


4 thoughts on “PEGS

  1. As I read this poem there seemed to be a theme emerging from several of your poems…well we all have such themes…but I was noticing how your poems denoted being contrained by society to fulfill a prescribed role rather than “who I am.” Maybe it’s just the rebel in me that is responding to this….just a random thought brought on my your poem.

    • Thank you for your comment slpmartin, you are very observant. There is a theme within these particular poems. I wrote them over a 12 month period of counselling. I would tell you more but not here in the comments bar. Let’s just say that these poems were in me and I am still searching for who I am. Society has been a trap for me, I’m just learning to be me. I’m just starting to express, it doesn’t always go down well in England. Hence the name alienhippy, guess I’m a bit of a rebel too. x

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