by Alienhippy

Inside this shell are two,

Who  I am, and the one who speaks to you.

I’m so confident, intelligent inside,

But when I speak that person will hide.

The frustration and anger is sealed,

When who I really am,  is never revealed.

The humiliation and fear I keep,

It’s locked away inside so deep.

I practise how to talk, what to say.

It all comes out wrong on the day.

I come crushing down like a ton of rubble,

I think I’ll stay safe here in my bubble.

This planet all seems so wrong,

There must be another place where I belong.

I try to be like them………. but I’m not

Perhaps like E.T. I’m the one they forgot.

So……..I’ll sit and reflect as the world goes by.

Breathe in and swallow yet another sigh.

There’s not a lot that I can do,

Because normal to me, is not being like you.


3 thoughts on “Alienation

  1. This is wonderful. The word “normal” should be banned. Normal is an expression to me which says “What your expected to be by “Society” in order to be accepted.

    Peer pressure is something I got caught up in when I was partying my life away, because I wanted to be accepted by the crowd.

    I am no longer in that place “Thanks be to God” and would never want to be again. I still love partying though, but without the drink.

    I love individualists. You are “you” Lisa. It is your uniqueness that makes you who you are.

    I don’t think for one minute that when God created us that he wanted us all to be the same. God hasn’t finished creating any of us yet, it’s an ongoing process. We never stop learning.

    Niellson’s The Point stands up for people who do not fit in the World.

    So for the square pegs in round holes. I think being different is cool myself. Love you xxxx

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