Random Thoughts (on radio stations)

On Radio Stations

Why is it that every time I put my radio on someone has changed the station???

I’m not very good at remembering the numbers to tune it back in again, and the station I like to listen to often misses the search.

The stereo in the kitchen is a little easier, it has a dial and I sort of know where the finger needs to point. But still…… it is tuned into something I don’t enjoy listening to.

There are 4 people living in this house, not one of us enjoys the others taste in music. In fact the only one who is flexible in his taste is my teenage son. (No, my son is not a Hoody…lol) He has the most eclectic taste in music, of all the people I know.

So, in age we change our station and eventually we grow into classic fm?  ….lol

A growth chart of UK radio stations (my opinion only) There is only one on here that I hate, it is the station my husband listens to (terrible taste in music) The others reflect the moods and moments of my life.

This is just for fun, please vote.


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