by Alienhippy

I was a quiet and lonely kid, with a very low self esteem

My friends went out and lived their lives, while I lived in a day dream


Too afraid to do much else, I waited for support

I’d go and do with friends on side, without, I’d go back to thought


Too long spent in self judgement, self analysis and guilt

How can I live when my brain don’t stop, tearing down what God has built


So I’m treating myself by being nice, kind, loving and self-aware

I don’t give a shit what others think, ‘Cause for this temple I must care


I’ve spent my whole life putting me down, not seeing just who I am

Never allowing myself to achieve, but now I’m saying, “I can!”


I don’t expect to be perfect, I’m only human after all

I’m going to try, and believe that God, will catch me when I fall


3 thoughts on “Perfectionism

  1. When others are kicking you, it’s not the time to kick yourself. For anyone that has never questioned why is this happening to me?, this probably won’t make sense, but to everyone else it will. I could touch your expressions. The truth is always gripping, good work!

  2. Hi Lisa, just dropping in to say ‘Hi’. I’m not at Care2 anymore, just limited to my blog here. It is nice to see you and your work. I will add you to my Blogroll so I can check in on you when I am able.

    Bravo! for your piece here. And I share peace with you.


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