My Shelf

My Shelf 

by Alienhippy


For all my 40 years, I’ve done what I’ve been told

I’ve bent myself for others, my personage was sold

I’ve never questioned why, no-one did those things for me

I never took the time to step back, look and see


But on my 40th Birthday, when I didn’t receive a card

I looked down at the cards I had and the reality was hard

The loving wishes I’d been sent, were from the ones who cared

The ones who call when I am ill and hold my hand when scared


So I put my life on the top shelf

The one you need a ladder to reach

So I’d only climb and get what’s mine

As my heart begins to teach


It has been one long journey to deliver me at this station

As I’ve been twisted inside-out and tortured with frustration

I didn’t see, the simplicity, of being me, would set me free.


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