Foxes have holes, Wolves wear sheeps clothing

Foxes have holes, Wolves wear sheeps clothing

by Alienhippy

Talking through misunderstandings, mate or mentor, friend or foe

Writing letters, moving forwards, de-coding which way I should go


Headless chickens in my garden, feathered lawn from the attack

Can’t see where a fox has got in, two steps forward, or three steps back


Perception damaged blind guides leading, bleeding stumps of feathered flesh

Leaches attached and salt provided, severed umbilical, starting a fresh


A bin bag promise is two a penny, stiffened by a winters frost

Don’t know where the hell I’m heading, one thing though, I know I’m lost


Need a shepherds crook to guide me, a shoulder I can rest my head

The sheepfold is a place of safety, like a sheep I have been led


Wolves and foxes, sheep and chickens, break the necks and take the weak

Got to fight, don’t stop believing, hold on tight to what I seek


Pits and troughs are what I fall in, Blind lead blind and blind lead blind

Shut the gate and let the dogs out, I have to lose before I find


Desert land of icy feathers. Death and life, power and fame

Think or follow, what’s the answer? Should I just keep playing the game?


Unknown mystery, deep devotion, Blood and promise, bread and wine

Life and death and resurrection, Living life in love divine


One thought on “Foxes have holes, Wolves wear sheeps clothing

  1. Lisa, this is a powerful poem that most likely enters into the depths of everyone who reads it. I think many may not go there, so they may not read the most important part at the end. This is a realistic and inspirational poem, and I love it. Bravo!

    Peace be with you,

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